What is the Difference Between a Fresh 48 Session and Traditional Newborn Session?

Two popular options when considering professional newborn photography are fresh 48 sessions and a traditional newborn session. While both of these photography experiences center around capturing the essence of your newborn, they differ in terms of timing, location, and overall approach. In this blog post, we will discuss the differences between the fresh 48 session and traditional newborn photography.

Fresh 48 Session

The Fresh 48 session, as the name suggests, takes place within the first 48 hours after your baby's arrival. It is often conducted in the comforting and intimate surroundings of the hospital or birthing center. This type of session aims to document the earliest moments of your newborn's life, as well as the genuine emotions and interactions between the family members. The focus is on capturing the raw and unfiltered joy, love, and connection that naturally unfold during this special time.

Traditional Newborn Session

On the other hand, a traditional newborn session is typically scheduled within the first few weeks after your baby's birth once you return home from the hospital. This type of session takes place in the photographer's studio, family's home, or even sometimes a local park. 

While both sessions have their distinctive qualities, the Fresh 48 session tends to focus on the newborn in the hospital and family members meeting the newborn. The fresh 48 photographer captures the overflowing emotions, the tender interactions, and the overwhelming joy that fills the room. These images serve as a beautiful reminder of the first moments shared as a family, forever preserving the memories of those short few days. Both types of newborn sessions complement each other and would be a great addition to your photobook if you decide to do both types of newborn sessions. 

Ultimately, whether you opt for a fresh 48-session a newborn session, or both, the end result is a collection of precious images that document the early days of your newborn's life. The choice between these two styles depends on your personal preference and the type of memories you wish to preserve. 

As a Fresh 48 photographer in Greensboro, NC, I understand the significance of preserving those first few moments with your newborn baby. Whether you're interested in a fresh 48 photography or a traditional newborn session, I would love to photograph you and your new bundle of joy. Contact me today to discuss your preferences, ask any questions you may have, or book a session here. Let's capture the essence of your special moments and create stunning portraits you'll cherish forever.

Check out this Sneak Peek of a Fresh 48 Newborn Session.

Dad looking at newborn baby at Forsyth Medical Center in Winston-Salem, NC
Pregnant mom sitting on bed in hospital gown holding pregnant belly
Mom holding newborn baby at Forsyth Medical Center during Fresh 48
Fresh 48 session at Moses Cone hospital in Greensboro, NC
parents holding baby in hospital bed at cone hospital in greensboro, nc
fresh 48 session at Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist in Winston, Salem, NC
mom in red robe looking down at baby in floral swaddle while sitting on hospital bed
mom in red robe holding baby in hospital bed at wake forest baptist hospital in Winston-Salem, nc
fresh 48 newborn session in High Point, NC
Mom holding newborn baby in hospital bed at Novant Health in Winston-Salem, NC
Mom sitting by baby during fresh 48 newborn session in Winston-Salem, NC